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        Unorthodox Boutique was born out of a desire to create a home for modest fashion. When we think of fashion, we think of bold, daring designs and effortless style. But when it comes to modest clothing for everyday living, those same sensibilities are often lost in the conversation. We’re changing the way you think about sensible fashion by providing thoughtfully curated clothing for the modern woman who dares to live life on her terms.

        Unorthodox Boutique is where modesty and fashion-forward design finally meet to provide stunning looks for any woman. From careers and relationships to motherhood and passions, the modern woman is bold and courageous, beautiful and motivated. Inspired by the dedication of the hardworking women that shape everyday life, Unorthodox Boutique combines fashion-forward looks with practical use to create a boutique experience designed for daily living. We bring an unorthodox approach to fashion by focusing on practical pieces that radiate with style and modest flair. Our hand-selected collection offers women of all backgrounds the opportunity to reclaim their style.

        Creative. Passionate. Dedicated. The modern woman is an inspiration to the world around her. She is the driving force behind so much of life, and Unorthodox Boutique was created to celebrate her through fashionable expressions designed uniquely to fit her lifestyle. That vision is carried out through our boutique experience. Each piece in our collection is carefully chosen for its quality design, elegant craftsmanship, and modest sensibilities, but also for its appeal and elegance. While everyday life might demand comfortable clothing, it doesn’t have to come at the expense of fashion and individual expression. We also believe that style is more than looks. It is the way you express yourself. It is impact. That is why 10% of our sales go directly to supporting important causes in our community.


        So welcome to Unorthodox Boutique. We’re more than an online boutique. We are a celebration of womanhood. We are committed to style and providing you with the perfect look to power you through your day, wherever it may take you. We dare to break the mold with modest fashion for everyday life. We are uniquely you. Reclaim your joy for quality fashion and rediscover how fashionable modesty can be.