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The Art of Layering


Shirt: Nila Shirt
Skirt: Nala Skirt

“Boring Closet Syndrome” happens to us all at one point or another. Finding oneself bored with a carefully curated collection can lead to a world of frustration. Prevent the breakdown before it starts by opening that wardrobe door with a new perspective: layering

Not only does layering provide warmth and modesty, but it brings a new life to well loved pieces, and matures your eye when picking out pieces from Unorthodox Boutique. 

Layering creates a style instead of just wearing fashion. 

Whether you would like to create depth, elongate your frame or deliver a glorious right hook packed with color, layering is the answer.  These basic starting points will get you going:

Layering 101

Gucci pre-fall 2020
  1. A v-neck sweater or cardigan is a great opportunity for a sleek turtleneck. The effect not only increases your style credibility, but creates the illusion of a longer, elegant neckline. 

  2. Never overlook striking outerwear. A conspicuous coat sweeping your ankles can make you feel like the queen you are. Bust out the zippers and snaps with a motorcycle-style jacket and watch a rocker vibe evolve out of your conservative skirt and blouse.

  3. Repeat after me: “color is my friend”. Black on black on black may be your staple go to, but trust us. Throw on those vibrant shoes and a floral scarf. Embrace the rainbow. It brings an unexpected playful accent, giving a voice to your attire.

  4. Last but not least, those pins extending from under your skirt. Legs are prime real estate for layering. Colored tights or knee high socks really step up your style - even before you strap on those chunky platforms.

Extra Credit:

Monochromatic Texture - Love white, but scared to look as though you’re going to work at a spa? 

To look stunning instead of sterile mix a shiny scarf, layer with a fluffy cashmere sweater over a silk dress and a splash of vegan leather on your feet. 

Voila, fresh and fixating! 

Skirt: Evaleen Skirt

Sweater: Nafi Knitted Sweater

Pattern Clashing - It’s not just for the runway! Bold prints & patterns in powerful colors open doors for endless possibilities and make a memorable impact. 

With no true rule book, it can be tricky, but here are our 5 steps to clashing:

  1. Pick a theme. It can be anything, leopard, florals, geometric shapes… 

  2. Keep to similar sized patterns.
  3. Stay with a mood instead of a color scheme. 

  4. Solidify with a hat or scarf in a secondary color pulled from the prints.

  5. Don’t forget the jewelry!
Fendi pre Fall 2020

Bring on the Bangles - Style starts with the textiles, but jewelry is what creates a proclamation of style. Draped pearls, stones and chain around your neck, stacked bracelets, cuffs and bangles up your arms.


Try different combinations of styles and sizes - maybe two necklaces looks strange, but adding that third one makes you go “WOW”! Don’t be afraid. You’re in the safety of your home. This is meant to be fun, like playing dress up when you were a kid.

Necklaces: Bohemia Necklace
                   Callie Lariat 

Rings: Evil Eye Ring
           Love Ring

Top: Natasha Blouse

We at Unorthodox Boutique adore layering. Our heart is in creating looks which leave an impression. Contact us for style guidance. We understand that everyone has different needs and comfort levels and we will gladly help you find what works best for you!

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