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Modest Fashion -New Trend? Or has it always been part of fashion history



There’s no doubt - modest clothing is in right now, in a big way. Take a look at the Fall/Winter collections put out by the biggest fashion houses right now and you’ll notice an array of long skirts, knitted dresses, neon turtlenecks, and luxurious layers. We’re here to clue you in on one fashion’s forgotten secrets – modesty.


Don’t get me wrong - there are definitely enough brands using scantily-clad models to make you think that’s not the case. These women may be beautiful but the looks aren’t exactly memorable. Growing up, I always believed fashion was supposed to tell a story. What story exactly are these little pieces of clothing saying? That there’s not much of a story to tell?


Look more carefully, though, and you’ll notice it tends to be fast-fashion brands pushing that look. The great fashion houses, though, have the opposite philosophy - more often than not, their goal is to put out timeless pieces that are designed to evoke strong feelings and are built to last. A t-shirt isn’t usually all that inspiring - rich material, elaborate designs, and stunning fits are much more the domain of blouses, jackets, skirts, gowns, and even accessories like scarfs and hats. For a very long time, fashion houses like Gucci and Prada almost exclusively put out looks that today would be described as modest, and, with the exception of the occasional see-through Versace dress, still do. There’s just so much more to work with, and personally I’ll take timeless style over fast fashion any day.


Plus, let’s be real - modesty is beautiful. Modesty is mysterious. Modesty is classy. And if we’re being frank, modesty is sexy. That’s why it’s long been the go-to look for gorgeous women throughout history. In fact, it’s only fairly recently, as gender roles have begun to blur, that women have adopted a more skimpy look. Back when women were expected to be feminine and beautiful, their look was stylish, elaborate, and always modest. Today, though, it’s a great way to stand out - I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear someone talk about how beautiful someone looked at a party or how great an outfit looks, it’s never because of a bare midriff and almost always about a perfectly layered, well fitted look. Your look says a lot about you, and modest clothing says your smart, possess self-worth and self-esteem - and that’s always a good look.


So while modest clothing may be the trend this season, let’s not forget that it’s always been the go-to style for the great fashion houses and for women of style and grace, now and for all time.  

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